If you are a woman seeking relief you are in the right place.  TaTa Coolerz was developed by a woman for women.  

What are TaTa Coolerz?

TaTa Coolerz are insulated soft gel packs that are concealed inside your bra.  Worn under the breast TaTa Coolerz provide descreet lasting comfort to a very sensitive area of a woman's body.   TaTa Coolerz were designed to conform to your body.  The insulated pouch has a thermal layer and 3 comfort layers.   The thermal layer protects the soft gel pack from surrounding temperatures.  The 3 comfort layers serve several purposes.  They allow the coolness of the gel pack to be applied.  The multiple layers create pockets allowing a woman to choose her level of comfort.  The comfort layers also absorb any moisture that maybe created by condensation, keeping you dry.

 Why TaTa Coolerz?

I like to be comfortable, simple as that.  The idea for TaTa Coolerz was to keep me cool.  I figured I wasn't the only woman interested in being comfortable.  I found out very quickly that I wasn't!

 Who wears TaTa Coolerz?

Hard working women in many professions are currently "keep'em cool!"  Including race car drivers, mail carriers, and construction workers.  Loving moms who are hurrying their children from activity to activity.  Precious mothers, daughters and wives who are facing the torture of cancer treatments.   Professional women who face the stresses of the corporate world.  Women who have reached the point in life where hot flashes are a daily or nightly discomfort.  Women who play harder than they work.  Women who are living their lives to their fullest, doing what they do best, being WOMEN!

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It is through the constant guidance and love of God that TaTa Coolerz are available to you today.   Invented, designed and produced by this American woman TaTa Coolerz are made in the USA.